Anti-Semitism increasing worldwide

• In the Netherlands, anti-war demonstrators chanted ”Hamas, Hamas! Jews to the gas!”

• In Italy, a labor union called for a boycott of all Jewish businesses. One disgusted European living in the United States told me, “Maybe they should just make the Jews wear yellow stars.”

• In Venezuela, the Jewish community is under siege by a government-sponsored anti-Jewish campaign.

• In France, among hundreds of cases of anti-Jewish attacks, several synagogues have been targeted, some with Molotov cocktails, others rammed with burning cars.

• In Sweden, a teacher said he wouldn’t accept Jewish students.

• In Belgium, burning rags were thrown through the windows of a Brussels synagogue.

• In Fort Lauderdale, a protester yelled at Jews ”You need a bigger oven!” — a reference to Nazi crematoriums.

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