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IAEA: Bombed Syrian plant linked to three more suspected nuclear sites

987521759IAEA: Bombed Syrian plant linked to three more suspected nuclear sites 

London-based Al-Hayat newspaper reveals correspondence between nuclear watchdog head and UN Secretary General, in which they discussed sites connected to Syria’s nuclear program. Al-Hayat newspaper revealed Sunday a correspondence between the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Yukiya Amano and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. Amano said the Syrian nuclear plant bombed in 2007 was linked to three more sites. The locations of the sites and their functions were not discussed.

Last February, the German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung revealed details concerning a second nuclear site built secretly by Syria, which adds to the plant international media said Israel bombed in 2007. According to the report, the site was located near the town of Marj al-Sultan, near Damascus, and was believed to be a uranium conversion plant. On Thursday, the IAEA decided to report Syria to the Security Council for covert atomic work, a U.S.-led move coinciding with Western condemnation of Damascus’ crackdown on opposition protests. Russia and China voted against the proposal, highlighting big power divisions on the issue. The 15-nation council in New York has the power to impose sanctions, as it has done four times over Iran’s nuclear program. A few weeks ago Amano confirmed for the first time that the target allegedly destroyed by Israeli warplanes in the desert area of Dair Alzour in September 2007 was actually a reactor under construction. Syria, an ally of Iran, denies harboring a nuclear weapons program and says the IAEA should focus on Israel instead because of its presumed nuclear arsenal.

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