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Surprise: Over 20.000 thousand luxury cars in Gaza today

Today Israel declared that, as easing the blockade policy, new cars are going to be aloud to enter Gaza.  6000 cars are in Ashdod ready to be delivered to Gaza – Until now the cars came to Gaza trough Egipt, using the tunnels. Most of the cars that arrive to Gaza are BMW  VOLVO  and MERCEDES BENZ  all new , zero km. Because of the smuggling, those cars were sold at around $140.000 . Now, that they will arrive trough Israel, the price is going to go down by 70% There is no request for cheap cars in Gaza….. The process of import is still not finally resolved because of a lack of agreement between Hamas and the Palestinian Authorities, related to the Hamas demand of high part of the financial revenues from the new cars waiting to be imported. There are more than 20.000 thousand luxury cars in Gaza today. After the Israeli permission, This number may triple. (AlJazeera    29/7/2010)

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